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A Shamanic Healing Ceremony is a healing technique which encompasses many healing tools. It facilitates healing on physical, mental, and emotional levels for a client by approaching healing on a soul level. It's important to remember that Shamanic Healing Ceremonies are a powerful catalyst for healing and not a cure by themselves. When we conduct a Shamanic Healing Ceremony we connect with the healing spirits and the spirit worlds on behalf of a client and bring these influences in for the "doctoring" of the clients soul. It is also through this process that harmful energy can be removed from a client and that missing energies can be returned to a client. This creates a balanced environment within a clients body so that true healing can happen.

The healing process that results from a Shamanic Healing Ceremony can manifest in many ways. A client may simply start healing naturally as their body restores itself in balance, they may find themselves feeling calmer or more mentally clear so that they can help themselves more effectively, they may have access to feelings that were previously repressed to clear them, or they may find or see opportunities that were missed previously (such as the right physician, medication, or therapist suddenly presenting themself). The way healing manifests itself isn't important- what matters is that healing CAN happen once balance is restored to an individual.

It is also important to note that Shamanic Healing Ceremonies supplement western medicine, therapy, and modern medical practices. A Shamanic Healing Ceremony is not a replacement for medical or psychological treatment and it does not conflict with such treatment. Therefore Shamanic Healing Ceremonies, modern medicine, and psychological counseling can all work together to treat a person on all levels. Shamanic Healing Ceremonies are also a spiritual, and not a religious, practice. So it can work together with almost anyone's personal belief system.

What to expect during a healing ceremony

We do our best to not modernize or westernize our practices and to work as close as possible to the original indigenous practices. For this reason sessions are very ceremonial in nature and are rich with drums, rattles, chants, spirit channeling and healing songs.

 At the beginning of a session, or before a client arrives, we perform a divination where we ask the spirits for guidance on the nature of the healing that a client needs. We then sit with a client and review what the spirits have brought to our attention. There is then time for us to converse about this. We often spend time with some spiritual counseling, life coaching, and bringing the client conscious to the areas that need attention or require shifts within their life. The divination guides which healings, modalities, and techniques are worked with. They are not intellectually chosen by us or by the client.

After this we move into the ceremonial work. Most ceremonial work is done with the client laying on a massage table. Sessions are performed fully clothed. Each session is started with the burning of sage, cedar, or other healing incense to clear the space and surface energy. We then take a step back from ourselves so that the healing spirits can take a step forward and work through us. The spirits do the work that is needed, not the work that we intellectually ask for. Some of the healings that may take place are listed below.

The ceremonial work usually lasts for about an hour. Afterwards we have time to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have from the ceremonial work or to share any experiences.

The Types of healings that are incorporated into a ceremony

Scheduling a Shamanic Healing Ceremony

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