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Spiritual Purification Through Sound and Song

Shaman Drum and RattlesFacilitated by: Adam Kane
Date: Fri, 11/02/2012.
Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Cost: $15 if registered and prepaid by Oct. 31st
          $20 if registering after the 31st.
Location: Mirabai Bookstore, Woodstock, NY
Please Pre-Register by Calling Mirabai Books at: (845) 679-2100
Please Bring: A pillow or blanket to sit on. A rattle and/or drum if you have them.

Some of the most utilized pathways to healing in shamanic practice are the drum, rattle, and voice. Sound is a powerful bridge that can carry healing power from the spirit worlds into this world. In this workshop you will learn about Hucha (dense energy) and how to clear it through shamanic sound, chants and medicine songs.

The social interactions of our daily living can make us susceptible to accumulations of Hucha as we are often bombarded by the thoughts and emotions of others. Without proper clearing, Hucha can accumulate and manifest as distress or disease on a mental, emotional, or physical level. The tools taught in this workshop can be simple and powerful ways to stay clear.

Please Bring to the class: A pillow or blanket to sit on. A rattle and/or drum if you have them.

Adam will also be offering private Limpia (cleansing) sessions the following day

Sat, November 03, 2012
11:30 am - 6 pm

Private Limpia Cleansing/Vibrational Healing Sessions By Appointment
Working with the tools and techniques of Central and South America you will experience cleansing of dense energy from your energetic bodies. This is done via the shamanic practices of limpia which uses bundles of plants, eggs, and flower waters to sweep down the body while medicine songs are sung.
The one hour sessions, in addition to limpia cleansing will include vibrational healing with drums and medicine songs to restore vitality and bring healing spirit medicine into the body.
Call Mirabai Books at 845-679-2100 to schedule appointment
Cost: $40 for half hour
limpia cleansing; $75 for one hour limpia cleansing with vibrational healing.