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Sacred Pipe Ceremony for the Community

Sacred PipeFacilitated by: Adam Kane
Date: November 6th, 2016
Time: 3:00 – 5:00
Cost: Free
Location: The Dreaming Goddess in Poughkeepsie, NY
Pre-register with The Dreaming Goddess at (845) 473-2206
Directions to the ceremony given upon registration

This is a free event as the pipe belongs to the people – it is being offered in support of the community and as a gracious giveback.

The Sacred Pipe is one of the most sacred items and rituals from the indigenous nations of North America. Different nations have different stories, but most agree that during a time of suffering a spirit being came into our world in physical form and delivered the first Sacred Pipe. They taught the first nation people how to restore harmony with the pipe and an agreement was made between the human nations and spirits nations that whenever the pipe is presented in ceremony that they would hear each other’s words. From that time on the Sacred Pipe has always been a bridge between our worlds to carry prayers.

Within shamanism and other indigenous practices prayer is our primary dialogue with the helping spirits and the creator. It serves as our bridge to open hearted living and harmony. The Community Pipe Ceremony is our time to send forth our gratitude to the spirits and to bring their attention to where we need help and healing. Participating in a Sacred Pipe Ceremony gives us the opportunity to have our words and prayers be heard by the Spirit Nations with absolute certainty. The spirits come forth with the pipe in a way that is very humbling to witness and often brings people to a space of deep emotion and deep gratitude. The Sacred Pipe carries great power and can bring deep healing and blessings to those that pray with it in a good way.

What to expect: The ceremony will be held outside whenever possible or in the tipi when available. The gathering will start with smudging to clear our energy followed by ceremony to welcome in the healing spirits. We will then have a brief discussion concerning the pipe and proper protocol for handling this sacred object. The story of the origin of the first pipe will be shared so that all can understand the significance of this ceremony. The pipe is then filled with tobacco during ceremony and then prayed with to put forth all of the gratitude and prayers for the community. There will then be an opportunity for each person to send their personal prayers forth to be heard by the Spirit Nations.

The pipe will then be lit and passed around to be smoked to release these prayers to the Spirit Nations and to receive the blessings of the pipe. You do not have to smoke from the pipe if this creates an issue for you (you can simply hold it to your heart and then pass it to the next person). The ceremony will then conclude with each person receiving a pipe blessing for health and happiness followed by the sharing of a couple of medicine songs for healing.

About the facilitator of this ceremony

Adam Kane - Adam's closeness to the spirit world has been a life-long relationship. He has worked as a professional spiritual intuitive since 1987 and has practiced shamanism since 1992. It is important to Adam to bring the healings and ceremonies of the spirits to the people and to cultivate a strong sense of community. Adam Kane has been working with the Sacred Pipe since 1993.