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Introduction to the Peruvian Mesa Practice

Peruvian MesaFacilitated by: Adam Kane
Date: March 29th, 2012
Time: 11:00am - 7:00pm
Cost: $80
Location: Adam's Home in Eatontown, NJ

Prepayment and Pre-Registration required by Calling 732-389-4859

Directions will be furnished upon registration

Space is very limited- register early

The Mesa practices of the Peruvian Andes are an important component of Peruvian Shamanism. The Mesa is a sacred bundle that also serves as an altar space where communion with the spirit world can occur.

The Mesa is a microcosm for the macrocosm of the world- we can affect change utilizing the Mesa so that those changes are manifested in the world. As a sacred bundle the Mesa serves as a powerful tool for healing.

In this day long class you will create the basic structure of your own personal Mesa that you will build upon within your own personal practice. You will also be instructed on the activation and general use of the Mesa for healing, attuning to the spirit world, and earth healing.

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