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-Journeying Back to Wholeness-
Indigenous and Shamanic practices for calling back and healing the soul
Residential Retreat in New Jersey

Soul Calling and Healing

Facilitated by: Adam Kane & Al Romao
Dates: Friday July 11th - Sunday July 13th, 2014
Times: arrive 1pm on Friday, Depart 2pm on Sunday
Cost: $420 (includes lodging and meals)
Location: Murray Grove Retreat Center, Lanoka Harbor, NJ -
Please Pre-Register by Calling 732-389-4859

$150 non-refundable deposit due upon registration
Balance due by June 1st, 2014

Shamanism is a form of spiritual practice that is found in the roots of almost every culture on earth. It brings us back to our place of origin, to a place of connecting with nature and the spirit worlds in a deep and organic way.

A key component to healing practices within shamanic traditions is the healing of a person’s soul. To enjoy a full and joyful life and to live a life of purpose we need to be whole and complete within ourselves. The practices of Soul Healing, Soul Calling, and Soul Retrieval are worked with to return lost vitality, essence, and aspects of self that are missing. We may lose these essential energies through trauma, sickness, emotional wounds, or grief. When these vital energies are missing or fragmented they need to be returned so that healing can occur on all levels.

A loss of vital essence, soul energy, or aspects of self may result it apathetic feelings toward life, a lack of passion or enthusiasm, a feeling of disconnection from self or the world around us, and can even manifest physically in autoimmune diseases.

Every indigenous culture has its own practices for healing the soul. Although there are many similarities in these practices there are also unique components to each practice that enable us to see these practices from different perspectives and to work in unique ways that offer different approaches to this form of healing.

During this retreat we will engage in practices, techniques, and ceremonies from several different indigenous cultures to call back vital energy, to heal our soul essence, and to return lost or fragmented aspects of our self.

Our days will be filled with teachings and trainings, our evenings will culminate in ceremonies to move us deeper into integrating the work. There is also a pool available for use between activities.

This is a residential program which includes meals and lodging. We strongly encourage everyone to stay on premises through the entire workshop to cultivate a sense of community and to make sure that you can stay "in the work". Shamanism isn't about "practicing" it is about "living and being".

 What will be covered


Please RSVP via phone or email as soon as you can if you are interested in going on this retreat. Our retreats over the last three years were full so it is important to reserve your spot.

A non-refundable deposit of $150 is due upon registration

We accept payment via all major credit cards or check

Via phone: 732-389-4859
Via Email:


There are two dormitory style buildings where everyone will be staying. Rooms will have two people to each room. Bathrooms are shared and are centrally located in each building.

There is a central "common area" building where we will have our classes and meals. Classes will also be held outside or in a screen building (during harsher weather).

There is a salt water pool on premises for use between classes.

All meals are included from dinner on 7/11 to breakfast on 7/13 

More details provided after registration.