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Intermediate Shamanic Healing Techniques
A Four Session Course at SUNY Ulster

Facilitated by: Adam Kane
Dates: April 5th, 12th, 19th. and 26th, 2016
 6pm - 8pm
SUNY Ulster, Stone Ridge, NY
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This class offers more advanced trainings in several indigenous techniques from shamanic cultures to facilitate healing on an energetic and soul level. These techniques can be used on their own or woven into an existing healing practice. Participants will be trained in a diagnostic technique from Ecuador to discern the nature of imbalances in the body and energetic system. We will then cover techniques for purging harmful energy, rattle doctoring for breaking up energy blockages, a process to retrieve vital energy for a person, and healing with mantras to transform destructive thoughts and behaviors. The teachings will focus on shamanic traditions from South America, North America, and Tibet.

Prerequisite: Shamanic Healing - Introduction

We will cover the following:

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   Class Times: Tuesdays- 6pm-8pm

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