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Healing Ancestral Wounds

Soul FlowerFacilitated by: Adam Kane
Date: December 21st, 2013
Time: 4:00pm - 6:00pm
Cost: $30
Location: Cha Cha Gifts, 1300 Livingston Ave. North Brunswick, NJ
Please Bring: A pillow or blanket to sit on

Contact Cha Cha Gifts to register by calling: (732) 249-1821

How is your relationship with the ancestral spirits? Are there emotional wounds with family members or wounded behaviors that have been passed from generation to generation?

We can think of our ancestral bloodline as a river of power that moves through the ages. We walk within our lives with the ability to connect with this potent source of spiritual power. When we develop supportive spiritual connections with the ancestral bloodline we have access to these spirits for guidance, support and healing.

In this workshop you will learn some of the processes  to cleanse your ancestral bloodline of generational wounds and to reunite with the guiding force of your ancestral spirits.

Please Bring: A pillow or blanket to sit or lay down on