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Despacho (sacred bundle) Ceermony

DespachoFacilitated by: Adam Kane & Al Romao
Date: Sunday, October 26th
Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Cost: $25
Location: The Dreaming Goddess Annex in Poughkeepsie, NY
Pre-register with The Dreaming Goddess at (845) 473-2206
Directions to the ceremony given upon registration

The intention of this despacho ceremony is to enter into proper balance so that we can go into the more inward and introspective time of the colder months with purpose- enabling that time to be one of internal healing and gestating the dreams of new life and new beginnings.

Despachos are a practice from the shamanic culture of Andean Peru. They are sacred bundles that are assembled and given to the land as a way of giving back to the spirits for all that we take in our daily lives. It is a strong belief in Andean culture that if we do not give back for all of the things that we take that we may have difficulty manifesting our needs and desires.

The process of creating Despachos can bring us back to a place of love, gratitude, and joy. It can also help in healing the precious home of the Earth.

During this ceremony the basic understanding of the despacho and its importance will be explained. We will all then participate in the ceremony of constructing a group despacho bundle.